With a primary focus on evolution, our research interests lie in 1) designing and implementing novel sensors and remote monitoring systems that are motivated by practical medical needs, 2) constructing appropriate clinical trials, and 3) analyzing the obtained data to quantify patients’ conditions and validate the systems' clinical efficacy.

Finger-worn sensor for accurate functional assessment of the upper limb use in real-world settings

Researchers: Xin Liu and Smita Rajan
In collaboration with ArcSecond Inc.

Ambulatory assessment of movement quality in stroke survivors using a wrist-worn inertial sensor

Researchers: Brandon Oubre and Kallie Whritenour

Remotely monitoring cognitive impairment level based on mobile game-specific performance

Researchers: Hee Tae Jung
In collaboration with Woori Soft

A wearable system that provides feedback regarding the quality of at-home upper limb rehabilitation exercises in chronic stroke patients

Researchers: Hee-Tae Jung